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451 at the Apple WWDC 2017 San Jose, CA

Visa Brand Central application development Visa Inc.

What’s new from Google I/O 2017

We were lucky enough to get tickets to the latest edition of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC 2017).

The event, held just like every year, was held in the San Jose Convention Center during the week of June 5.

Overall, the event was focused on all Apple technologies and how to better make use of new additions to all of the company’s operating systems, especially iOS, the system that drives all iPhones and iPads.

During the event Apple showcased exciting new functionalities coming to iOS 11, to be launch in the coming months.

It was a great opportunity for our team to learn beforehand all the options that will be available to incorporate in our client applications, and also talk to the “creators”, engineers that are part of development teams at Apple. This will help us be in shape for the coming changes and features to be released.

Updated June 13th, 2016

Sometimes we like to brag (just a little ) about our work. Not too often, but there are cases when we really want to share the insights of what we do at 451.

This time we want to open the doors to Visa Brand Central, a repository web-based application that serves the purpose of compiling all of Visa brand assets, worldwide, both for agencies and internal stakeholders.

The application, developed from the ground up by our team, has gone through the different stages from analyzing necessities, developing framewoks, desiginig UI and UX, to developing the application itself.

Our design team created the UI framework for frontend and backend, and the technology team designed the architecture of the solution to be robust and deliver with the expected performance for such a large corporation.

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Updated May 19th, 2017

Just like every year, Google held it’s annual developer conference where they’ve showcased new technologies and what’s coming to the different platforms.

Android is getting better, and growing. The Google operating system is already used in over 2 billion users, that’s 2,000,000,000 devices that could potentially run any of your applications.

Google Assistant can now analyze the world running around you with the help of your camera. Using Google Lens, the Assistant will analyze your surroundings and display relevant content on your screen.

Assistant is also expanding beyond Android into iOS. It will be a standalone app on iPhone and iPad, offering many of the same functions as what we’ve seen it do on Google’s own operating system.

At 451 we’re already working our apps on Andorid O, the new operating system version (not final name yet, waiting for a “candy” that starts with the letter “O”), which will revolutionize the notification system and more.

Updated May 19th, 2017

fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which
bookpaper catches fire and starts to burn.

We are a digital design agency focused on brand.

Like in Bradbury’s novel, we believe we’re headed to a full digital future.

That’s why since 1995 we’re working to push brands into the digital age, designing for the future and adapting to the new era while keeping their core values.


We design, we are digital, we build brand.

We design interfaces, we do apps, create full digital strategies, always building brands.

Our work is used by millions each day. We focus from complex digital strategies all the way to simple user interactions, always to create memorable experiences.
We are a full-service digital agency building brand as we work along. We design for the future always ahead to open new possibilities for our clients.

About us

We design, we are digital, we build brand.

We are passionate about what we do.
We have been in business for over 20 years, but every new job challenges us to do better than on the previous one.

We are international.

We are international.
Our work expands throughout 15 countries and 4 continents, reaching millions of users daily.

Our team not only has digital experience

Our team not only has digital experience, but understands how brands work and the importance of moving over to the digital world.

Core to our business is thinking outside the box

Core to our business is
thinking outside the box, but always considering experience, development, execution, and security.


We design, we are digital, we build brand.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategies are becoming more relevant as users switch to electronic media to consume content.

We focus in connecting the dots between business, brand, marketing goals and the digital channels, tactics and technologies that will make it all come together to actionable results.

The right digital strategy can provide brands a new, unique way of engaging with their customers at a previously impossible level.

Well-thought digital strategies push brands ever forward in the consciousness of their audience and lead to lasting adoption, advocacy and, over time, increase expectation from industries as a whole.

From a consumer point of view, digital channels now allow the model to change from a monologue to a dialogue.


Information Architecture helps organize content both in small and large scale, making it easy to find and use.

It’s easy for a user to get lost in the amount of information presented to him at any given application or website. By means of carefully selecting hierarchy, menues, and labels; we focus on getting content visualized and organized within a client's mind.

Each layer of the framework has to allow a user to know where he’s standing amidst all surrounding information, and that sense should allow him to move between the different layers easily and freely without loosing control of where he is.

Architecture defines how information will be presented and organized for clients to understand.

Architecture not only refers to readable content, but to all types of content provided to a user; be an informative article, bank account information, or any other.

It must be clear and easy for any user, even the most unexperienced, and help them understand the way information is organized.


Apps are everywhere and mobile is becoming the mainstream media for consuming content.

We design and program apps for iOS and Android platforms, all the way from the conceptual beginning to storefront delivery.

We use a set of tools to analyze and test UI and UX within devices, showing full working mockups even before programming begins.

In the process, we analyze and connect with APIs and web services to create a full ecosystem of information that ties together web based services; such as websites, and mobile solutions within mobile devices.

ur apps are fully native in code, no workarounds. We build both the apps and the services that connect to them; to fetch and deliver content, user interaction, and user information.


User Experience is the feeling of simplicity that an application or site generates in a user.

The best User Interface is the one you don’t realize is there. The best User Experience happens when the interface becomes part of you instead of the application or the website you’re surfing.

Experience is usually not tangible, but it's the experience that makes a great digital product stand out.

Our work is to focus on what the users "feel" while navigating any digital asset created; be it a website, an application, or any other type of object.

By means of a very close interaction with content architecture, UX - as it is commonly refderred to - allows users to instantly know what to do, where to go, and how to get there.


Analyzing data and measuring how users use digital properties are key in helping developments evolve.

Companies need to have a real strategy, a process, and an almost constant evaluation of what is going on around each one of them.

They need to be ready, up-to-date, and show they can flexible enough to make their content - for sure their asset- reachable to anyone who wants access to it.

SEO and SEM are essential tools in analyzing data. Today, more than 50% of users reaching mainstream websites do so by searching the web.

Our experience developing major portals and ad campaign sites for clients such as Visa, Heineken, and others; allows us to mix content strategy, accessibility, & standards expertise and how search engine technology works bringing it to every project.


Graphic elements based on the brand are used to create a system of communication called visual language.

The visual language is what bonds people to sites. It is used to facilitate the attributes of the brand to a user in the creation of any digital asset.

Color, brand attributes, typography, and visual style are all taken into consideration when creating a digital strategy for the design of an application; be it for web, tablet, or smartphone.

From the creation and use of icons to better represent functionality, to the colors selected for menues, the visual language must create an ecosystem that controls each piece of information that is displayed on any screen.


Success of digital executions is based on how technology glues together all other aspects of the design process.

Technology has become an active participant in design and development of online applications and websites.

All other parts of the process have a need for outstanding execution of both Front End and Back End development.

Front End; be it HTML, Javascript, or any other scripting language, helps in the execution of the brightest design ideas.

Back End programming is what drives information from the generation to the user, be it through the use of CMS (Content Management Systems) or interacting with applications via web services.

Cloud Services

The last step in user experience excellence resides in the hosting architecture that delivers the product.

Based out of Miami, FL; 451's Datacenter is located in one of the top worldwide hubs of internet traffic.

Security and speed of delivery have become top priorities in the effective hosting of websites, web services, and applications created by 451.

We host applications and services for Fortune 100 companies, with a specific network architecture and security that allows us to control experience through technology.

Digital Strategy
Cloud Services

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